Monday, December 22, 2008

I wish I was here ......

This, my dear blogging friends, is Christmas, or my version of what it should be.

Here is my step-father plowing out from the 1st of the 3 storms that hit them in Massachusetts this week. How freakin' cool is this ..... A White Christmas .......

And what is missing in these pictures ??? oh me and my kids ... and my husband, but he doesn't "do snow" as he reminds me of his native Floridian status...("Q" the big eye roll)

So here is my pity party ..... I should be having a white Christmas in the cold instead of watching my kids play in 78 degree heat (well, not today it is only about 60 ...but by Xmas it's gonna be nearing 78). And its not even that I like the cold, because I complain about it the entire time I'm there. It's just the point that I'm missing it and at my pity party, that just doesn't fly.

So I'm wrapping things up in my office and then I am off for 2 weeks. Yup, I'll be back to blogging full time in about 24 hours. I have to pick up a couple more things for Christmas, because I always forget something. I'm wrapping tonight. I forgot to give Big Erin his invitation to my wrapping party that I am holding after the kids go to bed. I need him because after all the "Quinn Wrapping Party" would be no fun with just me. Perhaps I'll entice him with a Corona or two. We can all see that I'm little erked about my lack of snow in Sunny Florida and could use some Christmas Cheer......

Just so you all don't think I am going completely humbug this year. I think my crappy attitude will dwindle a tad when I step foot out of my office and start my very much needed and totally deserved vacation ...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm back..

I'm not MIA, just getting taken away by things that I would rather not be taken away by.

My best friend Michele's mother passed away Thursday, not unexpectedly, but unexpectedly, if that makes sense. She was sick for about 2 years and finally she didn't have any fight left. Michele is just devastated. She knew how sick she was, but there is always that denial. Peg was like a 2nd grandmother to my kids, she was so thoughtful and kind. The world was a better place with her in it. Rachael took her passing really hard, I was a little taken back by it, I shouldn't have been. Peg acknowledged all the kids accomplishments, birthdays, graduations. She attended their soccer games many times. The kids called her Grammy Peg and she loved it! The funeral was yesterday. I am glad that is behind us, it was a little difficult.

In between all the chaos, we attempted to take our children's Xmas card pictures! Wow, I had completely underestimated Trevor's stubbornness. It took longer than expected. Probably didn't help that is was both lunch and nap time. But I think we ended up with two pictures that were workable. So in the end, I would consider our picture outing successful.

Am I the only one not done with Xmas shopping?? With work being completely out of control right now, I am very far behind. My Xmas cards are going out today, I need to start wrapping asap! We are staying home for Xmas this year, due to Erin's work schedule and since it will only be us, I'm going to make a small ham and we will play with the kids all day long! I am really looking forward to that.

Here are some pics from our photo session. Yup, Kasey is missing. She didn't want to have her picture taken this year. I wouldn't have done the Thing 1,2 & 3 if she were in them, but since she was being difficult (she is being difficult, but a typical 17 year old) I went for it...I think it turned out cute.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

finally .... the pictures.

Better late than never. Here are the pics from the Lightning game this past Saturday night. The Lighting lost to the Buffalo Sabres. But we had a blast!!
It was also bobble head night. Everyone was given a bobble head of one of the players. We were the only adults with kids in our general area, so everyone felt the need to give us their bobble heads. We must have had 15 bobble heads, which was a good thing, because Trevor decided he liked to decapitate them and then throw them down a couple of rows at unsuspecting victims. After the 3rd decapitation, I hid the rest. I am still finding little bobble heads, and I mean just the head, around our house. I have warned the three older's to hide theirs ... due to the serial bobble head decapitator running berserk around our home.

This picture was taken after the game. I was trying to get a picture of the kids while the "faux" snow was falling. It was pretty cool to walk out and have the snow falling around us. They all look a little sunburned. We were at the soccer field for about 6 hours on Saturday and the temperature was around 77 degrees, so the sun took a little toll .. Little Erin's eye look a little demonic, but take my word for it, he the least demonic of the group .. LOL .

Trevor kept calling the "Lightning Bug", the "bur guy" .... translation bird guy

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I've been tagged ...

I've been tagged by Another Online Mom !!

The rules are simple.
1. Show the icon on your blog

2. Tag seven people to partake in the fun times (or in my case maybe a just a couple)

3. List 10 random things about yourself.

Alright, let's give this a try:
1. I'm always late. It is a bit embarrassing sometimes.
2. I not a creative cook at all. I wish I was.
3. I'm an over-doer. I try to do to much, all the time.
4. I am obsessive when it comes to clean floors.
5. I love Christmas, but the decorations stress me out. Too much clutter.
6. I think the 8 foot snow globe in front of my house is super ugly and way over the top. Don't tell my husband. I've complained so much about it, that if something happens to it, he will think it is me.
7. I miss Massachusetts and I want to move back, NOW.
8. It erks my butt that my husband loves Florida and he won't move NOW.
9. I'm not even remotely sad that I'm done having children.
10. I wish I was a SAHM again.

I'm taggin' .........

Beth's Blog
Me & My Girls

Have fun !!

Monday, December 8, 2008

catchin' up ....

The weekend just flew by...It's getting closer to Christmas. "Q" the stress ...

Saturday the older's had soccer games. It was a successful weekend in that department. Rachael won her game 3-2. Kasey won her game 6-0 and little Erin won his game 22-0. And that isn't a typo. After like the 5th goal, it became a little embarrassing. This is 7 & 8 year old soccer, no goalies, just an open net and our team took complete advantage of that. I felt horrible for that other team. It was to the point that we just gave the kids a thumbs up when they scored. I sooo hope that every game isn't like this past weekend. It could be a loooooong season. However, Erin thinks that his win was pretty cool.

We did take the kids to the Lightning hockey game Saturday night. A friend gave me great tickets (great seats too). Growing up I went to alot of hockey games, but the kids hadn't been. They had a super awesome time. Hockey is a very fast paced game, and they loved every minute of it. The Lightning is very entertaining too, so besides the game they watched the band, the mascot, the games .... etc...

What I didn't know is apparently hockey players are a hot commodity in the single world. There were many young ladies there wearing close to nothing and walking the arena stairs in stiletto's. Seriously ladies, this was a hockey game and you were in the stands, not even close to the ice. Do you really think the players were going to see you?? They were in groups of 2 and 3, drinking incredibly high priced, very small, dark drinks (I'm thinking captain and coke). And I'm not talking a couple of girls, there were MANY of them. Another thing I learned, hockey is a complete drinking sport and I'm not talking social drinking, I'm talkin' down and dirty, have to get picked up off the floor drinkin'! The ladies room was not a fun place to take Rachael, many ladies talking about things that I have only heard in the bathrooms of bars in Ybor. OMG !! As we were leaving the single's were heading over to the bar across the street, I'm guessing that's where the players go to drown their sorrows after they lose.

Otherwise, the kids had fun, I had fun and I'd definitely do it again.

I was tagged by Jennifer from Another Online Mom. I'll have that posted today. We have some New Yorkers in town working with us today, so things could get a little crazy up here!

Friday, December 5, 2008

my true home.

It's no secret that I'm always trying talk Erin into moving into Massachusetts. I love Massachusetts, it's my home. You can take the girl out of Massachusetts, but you can't take the Massachusetts out of the girl.

I really miss home during the holidays and since Trevor loves Christmas lights, I was thinking about Bright Nights in Springfield, Massachusetts. It is huge and amazing! I remember last time we were home for the holidays my kids were hypnotized. They loved it, and amazingly enough, they still remember it!

I found this little snippet on You Tube. It doesn't do it justice .... but you get the idea..

Thursday, December 4, 2008

tappin' out.

I think I know why people have their children back to back. I used think they were just down right crazy, on the verge of lunatic, but I think I know why...

Our littles are spread over 15 1/2 years. The oldest is 17 and the baby is 2.

In the past we have had some hurdles to get over. Some of Kasey's music wasn't really appropriate for Rachael who is 6 1/2 years younger than Kasey. Some of the "terms" Kasey used needed to NOT be used in front of Rachael, not that the terms were bad, just didn't sound right coming from a younger child. Movies are an issue too. Now what Kasey can watch are completely inappropriate for Erin who is 8. And the same with video games, gotta watch them too. And 17 year olds don't really make the best decisions, so you have to stay on top of it. But it's manageable. I'm sure I'm not the only Mom who has to deal with this.

But now the biggest hurdle. Erin who is 8 years old loves WWE wrestling. Erin knows it is fake, the moves are not real and it is entertainment. Erin isn't a child who walks around hitting people, never was, he is very easy going. But he likes watching all the big guys in the wrestling ring. No big deal, until you find out that Trevor has been watching with his big brother. That is where the fun begins in my house.

Trevor thinks that everyone who is on the ground should be clotheslined, figure 4'd, or Batista Bombed. I'm not kidding! He even does the 3 count until you tap out. He knows all their names and he can mimic what they do when they enter the arena. It is really out of control. I have to admit, at first it was cute. The cute is gone. You can't even get a kiss from Trevor without being stiff-armed. I was hugging him last night and he tried to choke hold me. Don't turn your back to the 2 year old in my home.

This morning poor Erin was walking by him and Trevor clothes lined him right in the chin. Enough is enough. No more wrestling on the TV when Trevor can watch. I'm thinking about erasing it from the DVR, but I don't want to punish Erin, it isn't Erin's fault! Erin isn't the one going all postal on everyone!

He's getting a kitchen for Christmas. I'm hoping that will take his attention away from the Batista Bombs and he'll start making him Mommy some calming tea...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

completely bummed.

Tonight was going to be such a fun night ....

But then Rach came down with a stomach bug last night and all that has changed. Rachael's soccer team are the ball girls tonight for the big High School Rivalry and I was so excited to see some of the girls on the team play. I haven't seen many of them play in so very long, it was going to be so much fun. Can you tell I want a pity party ???

But poor Rachael, she was so sick. She is feeling better now. Now she is just needy, you know what I mean?? And what a gross mess we had on our hands last night. I mean, it was everywhere. Nothing like steam cleaning carpets at midnight and loading up the washing machine. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the virus doesn't jump bodies and make all the kids in the house sick. That would be just superb.

So in prep for tonight's game... I want to give a shout out to Bdale High !! Go Bulls !! Go Jordan, Go Brittainy, Go Kara and Go Megan !!! And to Beth thanks for the steal below and I expect Twitters at every goal !!

And this weekend is the start of Lil' E's soccer season. He is so excited!! I love watching him play, he has so much energy and love for the game. Actually we have 3 games on Saturday, everyone plays! Busy day!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm still here ....

I wasn't planning on taking a blogging holiday, but it ended up that way. I missed so many things while I was away. I think I am almost caught up with my blog reading. My weekend was jam packed with family stuff and every time I tried to get on the computer my kids were right there asking for their turn. So it turned into a little blogging holiday.

Thanksgiving was great! We had a wonderful dinner and shared a great day with Erin's sister Sean, Tony (her super awesome boyfriend) and Sean's daughter Taylor, who Trevor fell in love with again. We don't see them as much as we would like, but Trevor falls for her every time. He likes to be held ALOT, she is always up to that challenge.

My turkey was perfect tasting. It looked okay, until Erin decided to move it and it fell apart. But if it tastes good, does the presentation really matter ?? Oh, and Erin taste tested the top.

Afterwards the boys, and I mean Big E and Tony, played a little golf on the WII and I picked up dinner all by myself. And by doing that I was rewarded with a date night with my husband. He said he felt bad because I did it all myself. oooohhhhhh .......

The kids really wanted to play Apples to Apples with Aunt Sean, because she takes this game so seriously! LOL !! Here is a little video of the chaos. The chatty one with the braids is Rachael. The little one sitting on the table is Lil' E, Trevor is the toddler making his rounds around the table and Kasey is the one sitting on the end.

Here are a few pictures of everyone:

Rachael, Taylor and Trevor

Sean & Tony

Erin & Tony (They kinda look like brothers)

Lil' E settling in for a little Football

Kasey looking oh so thrilled, this is nothing new.

And this I found very interesting.....We were telling Sean about Trevor's fascination with wrestling and how he imitates all the wrestlers. Allow me to digress ... probably not the best thing for a toddler, but the fascination originated with his older brother.

Anyway, we were talking about wrestling and someone mentioned Hulk Hogan and then I think it was Big E asked if anyone saw the article about Linda Hogan and how she can't live off of $40,00 a month (like seriously, $40,000 a month) and Sean said that young man she is dating, Charlie Hill, dated my niece Taylor (the one in the picture above). I was shocked. They met on a cruise, he was a very nice young man back when they were "dating". And she has pictures of Taylor and Charlie together.....amazing! So there is your useless info for the holiday!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

thankful thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I hope you enjoy this holiday with your family and loved ones, enjoying each others company and celebrating all the things you are thankful for. I have 12 zillion things planned for my 4 day weekend, so If I don't post, no worries, I'm okay...just a little bit busy. Big E has his first official Thanksgiving 4 day weekend with us. Never in our 12 years of marriage has that happened. So my to-do list is about....well, about 4 days long :)

This year I am so thankful for many, many things ...

I am thankful for my husband, who is walking this life by my side. I am thankful that he is a good provider. I am thankful for his support and love. And I am thankful that he is such a wonderful father to our kids. I am thankful that he cares.

I am thankful for my kids. I am thankful that they are all so different and each of them brings a different twist to an ordinary day. Thankful that they love me unconditionally. And I am thankful that they throw their little hissy fits, because they have the ability to and that they have the voice to say their sorry.

I am thankful for my family. For my Mom, who does all she can for me and my family. For my Dad, who calls to tell him that it is snowing or raining and what direction the wind is blowing. For my stepdad who drives 30 minutes to give the kids a kiss and hug and only stays for 2 minutes because that is all he has, but he came anyway. For my grandmother, who is celebrating another Thanksgiving. And for my brothers, Albert, Michael and my sister Alexa, they are all happy in their own way and isn't that what it really all boils down to. I am thankful for my nephew Albie, who I don't get to see to much, but I really would like to see everyday.

There are so many things to be thankful for this holiday season. I hope each and everyone of you has a happy holiday.
P.S. this should have been posted yesterday, but apparantly I was a little busy preparing the feast!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tis' the season for donating.

Isn't this true? Everywhere you look, people are in need of donations. I try to help out anywhere I can.

Lil' E and I went to Publix on Sunday for a couple of things and the "feed the bay" was there. Erin asked a couple of questions about it, so I grabbed a shopping list and asked him to pick out a few things that we could donate to help a family in need. I'm not sure if he understood the whole concept, but I gave it a shot and he did like the fact he was helping out. Here are the items he chose to buy...Green Beans, Corn, and Mac & Cheese noodles. He told me that every little boy likes Green Beans, Corn & Mac & Cheese noodles. At least he was thinking about it.

Finally, a donation drive at school that I completely agree with!! The little's school is doing a book drive to benefit the Shriner's Hospitals. Not many people know, but my stepfather is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Shriner's Hospitals. What a wonderful organization to give to! They ask for slightly used books for the Tampa Hospital. That was a no-brainer. And my kids know what the Shriner's do for children in need. I have drilled that in their heads and they were very excited to be helping them out. The other drive the school was participating was a diaper derby, to benefit woman and children in need at shelters. Any size, any brand ... again a no-brainer. They did do a food drive, and the kids brought in some canned goods.

And Trevor is obsessed with the Salvation Army Bell Ringers. I no longer am carrying around any change, Trevor has donated it all to the red bucket.

So far I think it has been a successful donating season. I'd like to think that donating to these worthy organizations has helped my children understand that we should be grateful for all we have, because there are many people who aren't as fortunate.

Monday, November 24, 2008

where did I lose a day?

I need to add a day to the calendar. Can someone grant that to me?? Is that asking too much?

Thanksgiving came way to fast, and I am completely unprepared for it. It looks like Erin will need to do the soccer field duty tonight and I'll take Trevor to Publix to finish off my shopping list.

Attn Publix Employees & anyone at Publix: I am asking in advance for your patience. I am taking a 2 year old to the grocery store after he has spent the day at daycare! He will be running up and down the aisles dodging shopping cards, screaming for the cookie the entire time. And I am way too tired to even try to control him. I'm also sorry to the people that will tell me he is such a little cutie, because when you tell him that lately he returns the compliment with a big fat zerbert! Joy!! Again, too tired to worry about it. Oh, and don't call him girl, I know he needs a hair cut. It is on my list.

Wish me luck tonight .... May the force be with me :)

And ... Happy Birthday to Ben Johnson. Have an awesome birthday!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

oh the drama of it all.

Today was another super soccer Saturday. Rachael's team played so good, but lost to the rivals over at Valrico! I don't mind losing, well, yeah I do. But I really don't like losing to them. It really erks my butt. I try to put on my "it's okay to lose" face, but Rach reads right through it. Oh well, I can be mad.

(While I am writing this Rachael is looking over my shoulder, she just felt the need to tell me I'm a poor loser and I have a bad attitude....I think she may be right)

There is this one Mom at the field today that was completely obnoxious. I can completely understand getting all wrapped up in the game. I do it every weekend. BUT ... the difference between me and that Mom, is that I stop short of insulting someone else's child. My take is, insult your own kid, mine is off limits. She doesn't understand my rules. She got the "look" from me today...but she gets it almost every weekend. And she still doesn't get it.

I'm going to do my internet research on Thanksgiving recipes. Jennifer gave me an awesome site to go to. I'll be checking it out tonight. I need to get my act together. It is starting to cause some stress. And it is a 3 day work week ! Yippee ...

It is nearly 4pm and the Trevor is napless. I'm debating about putting him in the car to take Rach to a birthday party. It could be a late night ... I think I am going to be in trouble....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

what to do.

I need to learn to say no. I need all my Mommy Mafia friends to help me!

Like soccer doesn't take up most of my idle time, I'm on the registrar for the soccer league. I am on the board of directors for the soccer league. AND IF I RECEIVE ONE MORE EMAIL TELLING ME I SHOULD RUN FOR PRESIDENT OF THE SOCCER LEAGUE, I think I'll cave to the pressure. Why would I want to do such a crazy thing. I like my sweet position. I know why there are many people who want me to run, it is for their purely selfish reasons. I know this, this isn't my first rodeo cowboy. I have to dig deep and think about this.

And my husband says that I should do whatever I want. I wish he would just say, NO!! But he won't. His only input is that he doesn't not want to be known as the "first dude". That's kinda funny.....

So for all you joiners out there?? What is a girl to do??

Let's remember some simple Joanne 101 ...
1. I have 4 children
2. They all play soccer except for the baby
3. I have one of those J-O-B's
4. I am on the school's 5th grade bash committee
5. I am the business manager for Rachael competitive soccer team
6. I am already on the board of directors.

In conclusion..It boils down to this. Is President the natural progression of things? Is President the next step to the Valium Cocktail? Should I seek a psychiatric help and ask for an intervention?

anyone got a recipe?

For the past 3 years we have stayed home for Thanksgiving. Erin's sis comes over with her family and we eat, drink and be merry. I really enjoy being home for Thanksgiving. Our family goes full speed all year long, it nice to be home for an entire day. I am really looking forward to it. Erin gets a 4 day weekend this year. This is a first. He always has worked Thanksgiving weekend. Maybe I'll be able to hit some Black Friday deals this year ... hummmm, I'll have to think about that.

Holidays mean cooking. I'm not so good in that department. I know there are alot of you out there who love to cook and are good at it. I wish I was, but I'm just not. I wasn't built with that cooking gene. So here I am, Thanksgiving one week away and every year I envision this beautiful table with a perfectly browned bird, surrounded by all the trimmings. Don't get me wrong, I always have a bird and all the trimmings, it just never looks like it should. But, my family doesn't care, they love the food. So why should I stress so much??

This year I'm buying a pre-cooked Turkey from Publix. I did this last year and it was really good. It is a little expensive, but well worth it. At least I know it will be cooked and yummy. Today I am scouring the internet for some recipes. I want to make a sweet potato souffle. I am sure it was 6 zillion calories and 5 million weight watcher points, but I'm taking a walk on the wild side. Here are the things I want to make....if anyone has any good recipes, please email me.
Green Bean Casserole (I am sure Trevor will eat this)
Sweet Potato Souffle (the one that has some sort of marshmallows on it)
Cranberry Jelly of some kind
Mashed Potatoes (I actually can make these, but people have some interesting ways to spice it up & I'm open to new exciting things)
Any other yummy ideas that you can give. The more simple they are the better off I am.

I think I have everything else under control..... I hope.

In my perfect world, this is what my table would look like ....

Trevor continues to talk more and more. He dropped this on my over the weekend:
Me: Hey, are you Mommy's little man?
T: No, me Treva
He knows his name. Probably because I'm always saying ... Where's Trevor? Anyone seen Trevor?? Can we please find Trevor? He still does that disappearing thing. I'll take a picture of Rachael's carpet for you ....... he isn't quite Picasso!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ode to our Sunny.

Sunny our parakeet was fun
He loved to sit in the sun.
He was a little crazy and a little bit strange.
He bounced around his cage with a bit of rage.
When we left home this morning you were alive.
but when we came home you were on your side.
You were a good bird for many years.
Now Rachael is shedding a lot of tears.
written by: Rachael Q.

Obviously our parakeet Sunny passed on to Birdie heaven this afternoon. I feel bad, we had him for a very long time. He was bought after my original parakeet died 10 years ago. He was the "replacement" bird. It'll be wierd not seeing his little yellow crazy self in the cage whistling.

Poor Little Sunny Bird.

tad bit chilly outside.

And the Lil E said that it might snow. I think that is hysterical. They have no idea what it is like when it snows. I really am raising little Floridians. The thermometer read 36 degrees, and Trevor wanted to wear sandals and no jacket. He is so darn stubborn and I have no idea where that trait came from. Had to be his father's side :)

Big E brought home my blackberry last night. It was like an early Christmas!! While I love it and I can completely see why people call it a crackberry because it has the potential to be very addictive, I am struggling with the new-ness and learning to work it. But email in real time brings me great joy!!

Still struggling with the cold crap. Feeling miserable and working are two things that shouldn't mix. Lil' E went back to school today, his coughing seems a little better. His teacher kinda gave me that one-eyed look followed by, OH he's back today already! Don't you hate that, doesn't she remember what it's like to have kids and hold down one of the J-O-B-S's?? It's hard!! I did the mom fever, no outwardly sight of snot, he isn't wheezing! It's a cough. It's annoying and for that I'm sorry, but it's a cough. And it's a 1/2 day today thanks to the teachers union. PLEASE, don't send him to the clinic today.

Here's a picture of the Trevmeister. This was taken Saturday night at Kasey's soccer game. A cold front pushed through and it was getting cooler, but not cold. He found his mittens in the diaper bag. What a goofball !!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

germie monsters ....

My germie monsters brought home some kind of head cold crap and I was lucky enough to have suck to me. My head is pounding, my nose is running, my starbucks tasted horrible because I have kind of cold that makes everything taste like crap!! I am still phoneless thanks to UPS. Hopefully that will change today. I'm hoping, but it is really funny all the emails I received because people can't get in touch with me. It is almost like I have vanished :)

Last Friday Rachael finally was given her "School Safety Patrol" badge. Her PE Coach has been holding out, I think she just likes to use the word "trainee". The PE Coach likes Rachael, I am sure it is because Rachael really likes PE. She likes to run and kick the boys butts. It gives her pleasure. Well all the brown nosing Rachael does paid off. Rachael is a Sergeant! Sergeant Rachael! It sounds pretty good.

Here are a few pictures ...

P.S. The school nurse just called. Erin is sick. UGH ... I knew I would get this phone call. He was hacking up a lung on the way to school. I probably shouldn't have sent him. Now I feel like a really bad Mommy.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I feel like I lost my right arm.

My computer monitor at home is having some serious issues, it doesn't come on. I hate being home and not having access to all my stuff. I need to feed my email addiction and new facebook addiction. So until we can get our act together and get a new monitor, I'm limited to work access. BLAH !!

And now I'm cellphone-less until later today. So I'm limited to a land line until my new super duper blackberry comes in. I feel like I'm back in the 90's. It is really hard and I'm totally struggling with it. This Monday is not starting off too good.

Mom left yesterday much to my children's dismay. Rachael always starts crying the night before and recovers usually the night after she leaves. It isn't easy for Rachael, she is an emotional chic! Every time someone rings the doorbell, Trevor yells "Nanny Home"!

Rachael's team played a less than great game this weekend. Rather disappointing, it was their game to lose and boy did they do that. Erin starts practice this week, he is so excited to be playing soccer again. This year I'm not coaching his team. He is so competitive and he didn't like when I sub'd him out. He does much better with another coach, and I'm ok with that.

And it is cold outside!! Super cold outside! I'm wearing boots today! How exciting is that? Well, it's exciting for me ...........

Today is one of those Monday's. Problems the second I opened my inbox. The upper's or the owners in non-Joanne terms, are complete lunatics. I just want to slap them and tell them, yes times are bad, but we still do 9 million dollars a year across all our fashion lines. On the bright side I filled my Quest up with gas yesterday for $28. That is about the only bright spot I can find right now.

I have some pictures, but completely forgot my card reader. So I'll post them tomorrow.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

nature took its course :(

I am 99% sure that the last cockatiel egg is not going to hatch. Apparently, my poor ass momma bird, is a little smarter than I thought. She probably knew it was not going to hatch and that is why she abandoned it. The only other thought is that she is a poor ass momma bird. I think the first one is better.

Rachael took it better than I thought. The good news is that they will have more in the spring. The bad news is that they will have more in the spring.

I quickly changed the tone in the house with one simple sentence, "Hey, Super Mommy bought pre-sale arm bands for Nativity Novemberfest!" and everyone was really happy, really fast.

I'm taking tomorrow off of work. Rachael is finally getting the all coveted Safety Patrol Badge and this Mommy was told he HAS to be there. I need to use all my vacation time, my stellar company has a use or lose policy, yup it's stellar.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i love new phones.

I have a few addictions. I love Starbucks, I love my e-mail, I love my children clean and sparkly, and I love new phones.

Erin and his new-super-duper-cushie hours job comes with a cell phone plan that cannot be beat. And Erin and his new super duper benefits just ordered me a blackberry! I am so excited. I can email and be at Starbucks at the same time. E-mail in real-time makes my heart race. I'm so happy right now. And I get a new phone every year. That is superbulous !!

This is clearly my week, I have a new lovey purse too! My "peeps" here is sunny Florida are slacking and an awesome friend in Massachusetts happened to be attending a purse party social event and found this scrumptious bag for me! I love it! Thank you Joanne W. !!

The Cockatiel update. Samie completely abandoned her eggs. She is poor ass momma bird. She left her last egg for dead! However, Dr. Doolittle Erin and his little helper Rachael are incubating this egg. And it is working. I'm so not excited about this. Those birds are little and require being fed every 2 hours. Look people, I've done my fair share of 2 hours feedings and this mommy is done!! So what happens if this little birdie actually hatches. There are two things we can be sure of.
1. Daddy Erin won't do the feedings
2. If this baby bird doesn't make it, I'll be wiping away some serious tears.
I opted for the "let nature takes it course" and Rachael pitched a hissy and I caved. Last night, it still was moving around in the egg.

I found that super soccer standing website this week, USA Rank. I am sure soccer mom extraordinaire Beth already knows about this website. But check it out. Rachael's team is #3 in the state!! Holy soccer batman ... that's Rachie #21 power for ya!!

My Mom is still visiting and I'm loving all the time with her. When I tell Trevor that I love him, he answers back, I wuv me Nanny. There is some serious bonding going on there !!