Thursday, May 28, 2009

I miss him ...

For those of you who don't know my grandfather, the below clip is something he would have been very proud of. His entire life revolved around youth sports, for more than 60 years he coached & managed baseball & football, but he enjoyed every minute of every sport we watched. He even came to every single figure skating competition I had and I honestly think he enjoyed them. He would watch me cheerleading. He would drive my brother to hockey games, and when he didn't drive him, he met us there. I know for a fact even when he was sick, he never missed Mikey's soccer, baseball or hockey games, especially the high school ones!!

He was youth sports in East Longmeadow !!

Did you see that man in the last part of the video?? The man on the left with the sunglasses standing next to the scholarship winner, that's my Dad. That was his 15 seconds of fame, almost :) And how awesome are those T-shirts? I think the caricature of my Papa is spot on. And I'm also betting that my father didn't get me one of those T-shirts :(

Don't you think my Papa would be proud of my Madame President status ??

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Time is flying by ...

I've very neglectful of my blog in the last couple of months. It never seems like I have enough time to sit down and type up my thoughts or activities. And for that I am truly sorry. Perhaps now that we are rolling into summer and most of our activities will take a little hiatus, I can get back on the blogging bandwagon.

Some sad news to tell everyone about. Last Friday we had to put our Bulldog, Buzzy to sleep. Buzzy was a wonderful dog, never growled, never bit anyone, never even complained. He brought him home when he was 4 months old and in October he would have been 14 years old. He was around when we brought Rachael, Erin & Trevor home from the hospital. He was Rachael & Erin's pony, they rode him around like cowboys & cowgirls. He lived a long doggy life with us. The doctor who saw Buzzy last Friday said that Buzzy didn't want to leave us and that was why he was around so very long.

On a happier note, we are off to Disney this weekend to watch Rachael play in the Disney Memorial Day Soccer Shootout. I love the Wide World of Sports Complex. It is absolutely beautiful, the fields are perfect and the tournament is run in true Disney form .... flawless !! It will be hot, there isn't usually a breeze on the fields, so I'm packing the sunscreen! This is the end of the soccer season for Rachael .... it was a good year :)

But wait !! Tryouts for next season are on Tuesday of next week. Yup folks, that is a whooping 24 hours off ! Yippee, what will I do ???? Thankfully, there is about 6 week where we will put the cleats up and enjoy some family time.

I have a ton of pics for everyone to see. I'll get them uploaded in the next couple of days! Wait to you see how Trevor has grown .... he is quite the little man !! And an update on Erin, he is no longer required to attend speech classes, he was released this year !! He was very excited about that.

And one more thing ... Poor Ass Momma Bird has more eggs. This is now her third try at the Momma Bird thing. So far we have do not have any baby birds and I'm not holding my breath. I just don't think she knows what she is doing.

Promise I won't be gone long .....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The New Addition ....

Meet Lionel ..... he likes cheese ....

I know this is going to sound crazy ... but he actually grows on you and he has me. He is sweet and cute. Just so you all know, he is a fancy rat, as opposed to your every day garage variety !!