Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where did the year go ...

I've been gone for blogging for quite a while. I miss it. ALOT!

For me blogging is like a walk down memory lane.

I also haven't read a single blog in months either. I miss that too.

I do have a Facebook page, that is now a huge pain now. I like Facebook, but I feel like if I ignore it I'm missing something. At one time I had quite a farm, now my crops are withered and I'm sure my animals have ran to the neighbors farm.

My last blog entry was about the first day of school ....and now school is nearly over. Summer in Florida is well underway.

There are many reasons I have been away from here. Probably none of them are that interesting to any of you ...

So, I am back. Ready to give this another shot.

And I'm starting with a new blog header.

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