Monday, August 31, 2009

back to school

Summer is officially over, but you couldn't tell by the temperature in Florida.


And I'm soooo happy about it. It was a long summer, it really wasn't, just felt like it to me. Now the long nights of playing outside have led to homework and making lunches and having lengthy discussions with Rachael on what she should wear to school. These conversations with her are probably THE MOST frustrating ones I have ever had with my daughter. Not kidding !!

Erin started 3rd grade out on a good note. He seems to have a nice teacher, at least 4 days into it and I am still impressed, and I do reserve the right to re-visit the teacher situation as the year goes on.

Rachael started her middle school 6th grade year too. First year that I didn't walk her into school, first year she hasn't worn uniforms, first year she can wear flip flops to school, first year of switching classes, first year of needing to be accountable for her actions. And the most important first of all ... THE FIRST YEAR OF EDLINE ... I love Edline, it is an on-line-stalk-your-students grading system. Everything Rachael does in class, every grade is posted on line. LOVE EDLINE !! She is doing pretty good so far, she is enjoying middle school and looking forward to middle school sports!!

Like normal, we were in a huge hurry .... So I didn't even take a second to check to see if the kids had their eyes open ! ooopppsss ....
Don't they look good? Even Trevor wanted to get in on the action. That kid doesn't like to miss any of the spotlight!