Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random Rachael

Another school year is winding down. I remember this time last year when I just couldn't believe Rachael was leaving the only school she has ever known. I couldn't imagine what next year would hold for her.

I'm not really sure what I was worrying about .... She adjusted just fine.... She has grown .... She is almost a 7th grader.
I've learned a lot about my daughter this past year......

I've learned that I sent her to her first day of 6th grade a little girl.

She came home from the 1st day of 6th grade a young lady.

I've learned that even though she wants to grow up, she hasn't. She is still a little goofball.

I've learned that she will pick her Dad over me any day. She is his little girl.

I've learned that she is incredibly smart. That she is in all "gifted talented" classes. And that she is an honor roll student with all B's. Imagine what she could do if she gave it a little more effort.

I've learned that she is the most social child alive. She texts, facebooks, soccer 3x a week, she has a running trainer 2x a week, she has an 8th grade bestie and a 7th grade bestie, which she says is her way of succeeding in high school. Yes, she is already planning. And apparently she does a lot of planning in school because she gets her seat moved for chit-chatting.

I've learned she is a hair perfectionist. She is very serious about her hair and if it is not right, she is not happy. I so wish she loved her curly locks, they are so beautiful. Thank goodness her Dad brings her to school everyday.

I've learned that Rachael is as determined as they come. When she struggles with her soccer game, she drives on, she trains hard, and she betters her game. For her soccer is what she wants to do, needs to do and loves to do.

I've learned that she may fight with her brothers and she may kick them out of her room 15 times a day. She loves them. And she protects them.

And as her 6th grade school years draws to an end I've learned that she is growing up and I just need to grow with her.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where did the year go ...

I've been gone for blogging for quite a while. I miss it. ALOT!

For me blogging is like a walk down memory lane.

I also haven't read a single blog in months either. I miss that too.

I do have a Facebook page, that is now a huge pain now. I like Facebook, but I feel like if I ignore it I'm missing something. At one time I had quite a farm, now my crops are withered and I'm sure my animals have ran to the neighbors farm.

My last blog entry was about the first day of school ....and now school is nearly over. Summer in Florida is well underway.

There are many reasons I have been away from here. Probably none of them are that interesting to any of you ...

So, I am back. Ready to give this another shot.

And I'm starting with a new blog header.

Monday, August 31, 2009

back to school

Summer is officially over, but you couldn't tell by the temperature in Florida.


And I'm soooo happy about it. It was a long summer, it really wasn't, just felt like it to me. Now the long nights of playing outside have led to homework and making lunches and having lengthy discussions with Rachael on what she should wear to school. These conversations with her are probably THE MOST frustrating ones I have ever had with my daughter. Not kidding !!

Erin started 3rd grade out on a good note. He seems to have a nice teacher, at least 4 days into it and I am still impressed, and I do reserve the right to re-visit the teacher situation as the year goes on.

Rachael started her middle school 6th grade year too. First year that I didn't walk her into school, first year she hasn't worn uniforms, first year she can wear flip flops to school, first year of switching classes, first year of needing to be accountable for her actions. And the most important first of all ... THE FIRST YEAR OF EDLINE ... I love Edline, it is an on-line-stalk-your-students grading system. Everything Rachael does in class, every grade is posted on line. LOVE EDLINE !! She is doing pretty good so far, she is enjoying middle school and looking forward to middle school sports!!

Like normal, we were in a huge hurry .... So I didn't even take a second to check to see if the kids had their eyes open ! ooopppsss ....
Don't they look good? Even Trevor wanted to get in on the action. That kid doesn't like to miss any of the spotlight!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Trevor found the Birthday Hat! What a silly boy !

ETA: Check out the book he was reading ..... Mia Hamm's, Winners Never Quit ..... I'm glad to see he on the right path !

Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh Thank Goodness ....

My boys are boys again .... FINALLY !!

Daddy staged an intervention and took them for haircuts !

I tried and tried, but it just wasn't in my schedule !!

ETA: Either is grocery shopping, car washing & cleaning Erin's closet....I really need to dedicate time to clean the car, and the closet. And just so you know, 10 minutes in the grocery store after work isn't cutting it either :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

rolling right along ...

The summer seems to be flying by ..... School starts in 4 weeks!

I'm kinda sorta excited about this rite of passage. It brings back the all mighty "schedule", the bed times, the soccer practices, the homework arguments and lunch packing. It is what I consider the norm.

I'm kinda sorta dreading this too. And for all the reasons I stated for liking it. And the big one, Rachael is now a middle school student. I vaguely remember Kasey heading to middle school, and I don't remember anything too remarkable about the new school transition. But something tells me that my little drama queen with put a new twist on it. She is already complaining about the portables that the 6th graders are housed in due to "construction".... I told you, where there is Rachael, there is drama.

Rachael has been in Massachusetts for the past 10 days. She is visiting my family for a little summer get-a-way. Here is a picture of Rachael on the beach at Misquamicut. Nanny took her on a little outing since she missed her beach trip with her Papa. Anyhow ... she comes home this weekend. I can't wait to see her, we have really missed her!

Oh .. and yup, that's a jacket folks. This Florida girl told me that the nights in New England feel like winter. And I guess she is right, in the winter it's in the 50's and 60's !!

OH !! And I completely cleaned her room from the inside out. Plowed through her closet, dug out under her bed. I sent her a text message telling her there was not a trash barrel behind her dresser and under her bed. One bedroom = 4 black yard bags of trash !! AMAZING ....

So summer rolling along ... I have a few more things I'd like to get accomplished:

  1. Get to Adventure Island at least one more time
  2. Get the kids to the Public Library ... they love it, but there is never enough time at night.
  3. 2 more trips to the beach
  4. Clean little Erin's room just like the room gutting that Rachael's received.
  5. Get the Garage in order, or in some kind of order.
  6. Hopefully fix the drainage issue in the backyard.
  7. Paint Rachael's Room and Little Erin's room.

We'll see how much I actually accomplish by August 23rd!! I'd be pretty happy with myself if I got 3 out of the 7 done !!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

birthday boy fun .....

Look how excited Trevor was to blow out his candle! He was so cute!! In lieu of a big party, we opted for something that Trevor would want. After all isn't that what a birthday is really about, doing what the birthday boy would love to do? Trevor's favorite place this summer by far is Adventure Island Water Park. He is now old enough to ride some water slides and definitely old enough for Splash Attack. We went with our dearest friends, Michele and her three girls!

Trevor loves to play in the water. Although he is only 3, he has the courage of a 10 year old. He never is scared of anything ..... but that scares me:)

And here is a picture of the all the kids. They all get along so well, probably because they have known each other as infants....and have grown up together. It wouldn't be a birthday without having these girls around to help celebrate!

Erin and Courtney have a very special bond. It reminds of a bond that twins have. When they are together they are inseparable. They talk the same, they finish each others sentences and they act like this ...

And here is Rachael .....GOOFBALL !

And Splash Attack ... Rachael, Alexandra and Courtney ....

We closed the park down. Left at 9pm, it was so much fun! Trevor was exhausted, but he had a great birthday.

And for the 4th we had a family BBQ at Erin's sister Sherry's home! Had another great day of fun. The kids swam until after dark and watched the fireworks from Sherry's pool. And after all the talking that Trevor did about how he wanted to watch the fireworks, he was a little scared of them and hid inside...but we watched through the window and he was very happy with that!